About Us

Whatever you envision for the future of the Jewish people, the power to achieve it is within your reach through the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation (JJCF) of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

With a trusted team of seasoned professionals — and an unsurpassed knowledge of the needs of our Jewish community — JJCF can help you create a personal legacy plan that reflects your unique passion for helping others while ensuring the continuity of Jewish life, programs and services in our community, Israel and throughout the world.

Just as generations before us invested in Jewish institutions to keep Judaism alive and strong, you have the opportunity to create your own personal legacy to ensure that your values live on and the collective vision of a thriving, vibrant Jewish future is fulfilled.

While Federation's Annual Campaign serves as a lifeline for immediate needs, the JJCF is focused on the future — to make sure what we imagine becomes reality for generations to come By creating a fund to honor or remember a loved one you can perpetuate your family name forever. You decide how your Fund will operate. It can provide funds to help meet community needs now and in the future, or to you may establish a fund for a specific purpose, program or organization that are of particular interest to you and your family. It's up to you.

Your giving will continue on your behalf in perpetuity.

You can start by reflecting on your Jewish passions and what is important to you. We look forward to helping you create your own personal legacy plan — and unlocking the power to change our Jewish future.